by Dries De Roeck on September 8, 2009

Fresh from the blogosphere, 2 notable DiY projects. Find out what and why below;

    Probably we’ve all heard of IKEA hacking, the FLAMMA project (by Helmut Smits, movie here) takes this one step further. By carefully selecting several items from IKEA it is able to create a campfire. The interesting thing about this is that IKEA does not offer any means to create fire (i.e. not selling lighters or matches), but by creatively combining IKEA products it is possible to create fire. This shows that when IKEA is seen as a “building block provider”, very unexpected things could happen. It also confirms that people have a tendency to use products in alternative (inappropriate) ways, which is something to be aware of when designing in the DiY bubble.
  • Amateur music production
    During one afternoon, designer/artist Yuri Suzuki is organizing workshops in which he invites music bands to record music and create vynil records ‘on the spot’. Looking at the pictures (1, 2), it is striking how fast these artifacts can be created and sold. The interesting thing here is that the whole process is done by using only analogue electronic processing, there is no computer display or complex studio equipment used. This is why it related to the FLAMMA project above, by selecting the correct tools it is possible to achieve a complex looking result.

In both projects there is a careful selection of tools needed to achieve the result. But that is not the only thing, both project involve some kind of human ‘craft’ action to make it happen. On a high level this might be a direction to capture important ingredients in DiY culture, the carefully chosen high quality tools and the importance of a “craftlike” human action.

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