Believe in process

by Dries De Roeck on May 5, 2011

Yesterday I read an interesting article on the impact of prototyping on design results by Steven Dow in the interactions magazine. The thing that stuck with me most was the image on the front page of the article which is a poster that states “believe in process”. It looked to me that the poster was some kind of remixed artwork, a typical print that can be bought from places like this or this. So I started searching where to buy the poster, since I really liked it.

The only reference I could find was a link to this Flickr image taken by Jeff Herman (figured out he is the CEO of Deep Dive Design after some google searches). The Flickr image states that it has something to do with the Stanford which happens to be the affiliation of Steven Dow who wrote the article in interactions.

To cut a long story short, I couldn’t find the poster I wanted to buy. Instead of leaving it there, I decided to reproduce it. Again after some searching, the praying hands on the poster are part of a sketch by Albercht Dürer and the other graphical elements seemed quite easy to make in illustrator.

After I treated a large resolution image of the hands found via google to some photoshop magic, my mind got going on what to do with the background.Since I really liked the statement “believe in process”, I wanted to express a ‘process’ on the background. So I pulled open nodebox 2.0 and quickly made a generative background with increasing complexity … which in my mind is what how a process as such looks like.

So the final art turned out like this:

I clearly want to point out that the original creation is not mine, it belongs to the people at Stanford (my best guess). The only thing I changed is the background of the poster, but don’t really know who to credit as the original maker of this.

Anyhow, I guess the most important thing is that we should believe in process more and not only focus on the end results that come out of something. That’s how it inspired me anyway.

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