by Dries De Roeck on July 4, 2011

During the last (hectic) week of June, I presented a short paper at the Chi*Sparks conference in Arnhem, The Netherlands. In this 10 minute talk  I tried to highlight the field that I’m defining my research, illustrating it with one example experiment I did together with with some colleagues. In short, it was about trying to present people an abstraction of technology that allowed them to create digital products without the need for them to have a technical/digital affinity.

I was really happy with the questions I got and the talks afterwards. It’s always nice to hear some encouraging comments and talk with interested people.

My slides are up here:

The next deadline I’m facing is September 8th. I working towards a clearly defined research plan, which I hope to present to my commission at that point. A challenge, but it needs to be done!

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