Bye 12, hi 13

by Dries De Roeck on January 14, 2013

Last year I posted a list of things that I saw probable to happen in 2012. Time to revisit and add/change for the coming year;

2012, the year in which I thought I would:

  • Hope to make my first useful 3D print

This is in progress. I bought a Fisher Price record player, for which I’m making a custom record using a great instructables guide.

  • Will make a useful Arduino project for my home

Currently this resulted in a thought exercise. I’m planning to link up my Little Printer to COSM to give me a daily overview of stats about my house. In order to send the data to COSM, I will be using an Arduino based system.

  • Predict that classical music will become ‘hip’ again

Not sure if it actually happened, but I listened to more classical music last year. A major discovery for me was Arvo Pärt’s Spiegel im spiegel.

  • Will make an interactive prototype in the context of a real project

This has not happened yet. Most interactive prototypes were made in the context of a workshop, or just to try things out.

  • Aim to publish & present at an A-level conference

Luckily this happened. I presented a paper at NordiCHI2012 about the Manifesto of DIY internet of things creation.

  • Will still not get my PhD (so don’t bother asking)

Did not finish the PhD, but dit get an extension of my contract. The ‘final final’ date of my PhD is now 31/5/2015.

  • Put my research into 3rd gear, time for action!

I had obviously hoped to get more done, but some important steps have been taken.

  • Will again own a desktop PC

Indeed, this was the case. I mostly used it for gaming: Jamestown, Portal 2, Battlefield 3, Company of Heroes and the like.

  • Will try to catch up with my pile of books waiting to be read

Slowly getting through the pile. I did manage to commit myself to reading more, which is good.

  • Might buy a house

Bought a house, a new car and getting a second child. Hurray!

2013, the year in which I

  • will make a working little printer app
  • will install a functional and workable media server in my house using a RaspberryPi
  • will be more active on codeacademy
  • will have supervised my first Master student
  • plan to participate in the Creativity & Cognition conference in some way
  • aim to publish the key publication of my PhD research
  • aim to start writing my first journal publication
  • will own a 3D printer
  • will have my own garden
  • look forward to wrap two children in our Girasol Amitola.


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