Research framing

by Dries De Roeck on July 2, 2014

I had previously written about the outline of my thesis on this blog. Within this thesis, I plan/planned to have a couple of central references to frame the research done. For now, these have been divided in three ‘clusters’ which refer to

  • The origin of the research topic (techno sociological framing)
  • The opportunity identified (issues with prototyping connected products)
  • The requirements and ways to move forward (role and value of meaningful connected products)

In order to get my own thoughts aligned, I’ve created a graphic for each of these clusters. The size of the spheres is the ‘area of applicability’ each reference covers. Although that this might change when I’m actually writing, it gives me a good starting point and guidance to get going.

Changing social & technological setting

Changing social & technological setting

(the issues with) Prototyping connected products

(the issues with) Prototyping connected products

Relevancy and role of context & meaning within connected products

Although I said the next thing I was going to put on this blog would be regarding the ‘lillidot’ method I my previous post on meaningful connected products. I had the urge to make these graphics in order to get some thoughts in my mind aligned first. But, the lillidot post is right around the corner!

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