Holding a PhD in industrial design and social sciences (UAntwerpen / KULeuven), design researcher at the creative agency Studio Dott in Antwerp, Belgium since 2011.

My interest lies in the way ‘everyday people’ use technology in the real world and how these people can be enabled to participate in what we see happening in digital realms. The existing tension between the real and the virtual is something that gets me lost in thoughts, ideas and dreams time and time again. Questions like “how to combine the skill of a craftsman with digital tools?”, “why do people cook their own food everyday but are not creating their own mobile phones?”, “how can we create tangible artefacts that can enable true natural interactions in a world where everything is evolving to digital” are things that keep me busy pretty often.

My tags: do it yourself, interaction design, human computer interaction, industrial design, tangible interactions, ethnography, physical computing, pervasive computing, new media art